Crafts To Make With Nature

Creating beautiful crafts for home does not have to cost you a thing. In fact, nature provides us with lots of resources that we can use to create innovative crafts that beautify our homes. Here are 15 simple, nature-inspired craft ideas that you try at home:


Wall Hangings

  1. You can make a wooden plaque using a slice of wood as the ‘canvas’ and glue pinecones and twigs to form a floral design.
  2. Framed leaves – For an artful craft, gather some leaves from a tree near you (such as oak or fig leaves) and press them on cardstock with double-sided tape. You can pre-print the leaf name on the cardstock. Make a frame by attaching twigs to the cardstock’s edges using crafts glue.
  3. Acorn frame – Add visual interest and texture to a picture frame by fastening the caps of acorns on the wood border using hot glue.
  4. Hanger frames – Convert your old hangers into frames. Paint them with bright colors and add images on the back, such as your favorite magazine photos or wrapping paper.
  5. Create a flower wreath using dried flowers such as dahlias.
  6. Collect leaves of different colors during the fall season. Dip them in melted beeswax and then thread when dry. Attach the other end of the string to a branch using hot glue and hang across your window or the patio.


Centerpieces and Displays

  1. Create a natural centerpiece using acorns:- You will need gold-colored paint and gold glitter. Mix the paint and glitter, then coat the caps of the acorn. Arrange them in a glass bowl for that ‘wow’ centerpiece or hang them on your Christmas tree.
  2. Pinecone flowers: Gather twigs and attach small pinecones using glue. Stand the twigs in a glass vase for a beautiful visual effect. You can add more pinecones to the vase to support the twigs.
  1. Embellished your baskets or vases with acorn caps. Collect acorn caps and attach them to the rim of the basket or vase using a hot-glue gun. Add mini pinecones on the rim to create texture.
  1. Reuse used jars – Wash the jars and place shells, pebbles, and sand inside. You can also use twine or raffia to wrap the neck/body of the jar for some visual interest. You can turn the jar into a time capsule by adding a postcard or photo and elements from a trip and seal the jar.
  2. Embellish your napkin rings with faux berries. Paint the berries and sprinkle with glitter. Once dry, use hot glue to fasten them onto the napkin rings.
  3. Gather driftwood, thread, and some shells. Drill holes through the driftwood and thread the string all the way through. On one end, tie a knot and tie the shells on the other end


Natural Dyes and Prints

13. Create natural dyes from plants. You can use scraps from fruits, seeds, berries, roots, and leaves.

  • Use hibiscus leaves to create a purple dye, lavender leaves for gray and mint leaves for yellow dye.
  • A quick tip – Use soya milk to bind the color pigments to the fabric.
  • Clothes from animal fibers such as wool, cashmere, and silk absorb these plant-based dyes much better than plant fibers such as cotton and linen.
  1. Add twigs and leaves to the folded fabric before dyeing to create texture and a visual ‘printed’ effect on the fabric.
  2. Print leaves and flowers on paper or clothes: Collect the petals and leaves when fresh and place then between paper and then apply pressure using a flower press or a block of heavy books. Leave the press/books in place for 2-3 weeks.
  • You can also press the paper with a dry iron on a low setting.