Family Fun Ideas For Fall

With a the beginning of autumn in full swing, you can look forward to many fall family activities for your kids and yourself. Here are five fall activities that your family is bound to love.


Play in the Leaves

Raking leaves is an annual yard work activity that never moves the needle on the excitement meter. Yet, so often we ignore this essential activity because we believe it will be too hard or too boring. So, how can you turn an old routine into some great fall family fun? Work together to get the chore done, create piles to play in, or use the leaves in decorative trash bags to have a fun lawn decoration! Use this opportunity to do a fun family photo shoot and make memories that you can look back on forever.

Visit a Farm


The farm is a great place to visit during the fall. You may prefer to take a stroll through an apple orchard, picking your fill of apples for pie or just to enjoy on their own! Going apple picking can be a great bonding experience for couples or between parents and their children. Another popular farm stop is the pumpkin patch! Pick your own pumpkins to take home to use as decorations or cook into fresh pumpkin goodies. Many farms offer fun activities such as hay rides, corn mazes, and more.

Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is  a classic fall activity. If carving is too difficult, too messy, or just not your thing, consider painting pumpkins or buying a premade pumpkin decorating kit. The kids can make their own decorations using paper and other craft supplies. Pumpkin carving, painting, or decorating is not only a fun activity but also gives you a fun holiday decoration! Pumpkin carving can get very intricate, so look online for a fun design that will wow your neighbors and friends!

Take a Walk or Hike


Another fall family activities is taking a walk, whether it is through your neighborhood or through a park. Fall brings a beautiful change of colors in many parts of the country. If you are walking through a neighborhood, this is a great opportunity to enjoy festive holiday decorations that your neighbors have on display. This is also a great time to see nature getting ready for the winter. Try to spot a squirrel stashing nuts for the cold season! Can’t manage a walk? Take a drive instead to take in all of the fall colors that your area has to offer.

Let Nature Inspire Art

Kids and adults will love arts and crafts projects that involve things found in nature. Go on a scavenger hunt outside for fun leaves, pine cones, acorns, and other offerings your area can provide. Leaf rubbing is fun and easy. Paint a pinecone or make an acorn necklace. Can’t go outside? Cut open an apple and use paint to create an apple print collage. Prefer to eat the apple rather than paint with it? Work together to whip up a delicious batch of homemade applesauce!