Family picnic

Outdoor Activities for the End of Summer

As schools begin to resume classes and Labor Day draws near, many people are making plans to seize the final days of summer. This is a good time to plan outdoor activities with friends and family. In these time where social distancing is the new normal, you can still plan to enjoy the end of summer with your small and safe social groups.

Backyard games.

Yard games

Games like cornhole, horseshoes, and lawn darts have been popular for many years. These days there are even more options for yard games that are fun outdoor activities for both small and large groups. Oversized versions of classic games are very popular and can be found at most major retailers. There are games geared towards kids and grownups, as well as many that can be enjoyed by all age groups. The options are many when it comes to using the outdoor space you have to play games and have a good time.

Outdoor movies

A trip to a drive-in theater can be a very special outing. But these days it is also possible to host your own outdoor movie night in your own backyard with a movie projector. Patio chairs, blow up mattresses, or sleeping bags can make a comfortable spot to relax and take in a film under the summer stars. Whip up some popcorn, smores, or ice cream sundaes for a delicious treat to go along with the summer flick of your choosing.

Grilling over a campfire.


Grilling is a classic American pastime. It is a great way to spend time with loved ones and results in delicious food. Cookouts are a great way to bond with family and friends while also enjoying the sunshine and fresh summer air. Grilling tends to be a hassle during colder months, so many people get their fill of the grill throughout the summer.


Like grilling, picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the company of family and friends. Whether you plan a backyard picnic or a trip to the park, picnics are a fun and special way to enjoy a meal and soak up the sunshine. If you have children, you can coordinate a picnic that is in the vicinity of playgrounds, basketball hoops, or other recreational spots that appeal to them.

Camping trip

For many people, Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah of the summer for camping and hiking trips. This is a fun way to get out of your normal space and take a trip into the great outdoors. Whether you are planning a day trip to explore the local environments or staying overnight for a long weekend, plan ahead and pack accordingly to have a fun and stress free adventure!

LIttle boy in pool

Water fun

Family trips to the beach are a popular summer getaway but that isn’t doable for everyone. A day spent at the pool is a fun way to say goodbye to summer. If a pool isn’t within reach for you, consider a more natural waterway, a sprinkler, a slip-n-slide or other methods of water fun.