Six Fun Indoor Games for Big Spaces

The global pandemic may have us stay indoors more than we would like, but there is nothing more enjoyable using that time to bond with your family and friends through games. Gather them for a session of fun and laughter with these 6 fun indoor games for big spaces!

1.     Scavenger hunt

This game will keep your children and teens engaged.

  • Get a few goodies or toys and hide them in different places all over the house. Give clues and hints in various locations to lead them to the next clue with the hidden object.
  • The team that gets all the clues and collects the goodies, and finishes the race first wins the game!

2.     Musical chairs

This game requires lots of space so that you can arrange chairs in a circle.

  • Designate a DJ to play music while the players walk around the circle of chairs. Once the DJ stops the music, each player should sit. Anyone left standing up leaves the game. The last person left in the game wins!
  • If chairs are limited, try the pass the pillow game. In this game, each player should sit in a circle. When the DJ starts the music, the first player will pass the pillow to his neighbor until the circle is complete. When the music stops, the player caught holding the pillow will be at the mercy of the team’s dares and has to do what they request.


3.     Tangled Chain

It is a great team-building or ice-breaker game.

  • Divide people into even-sized teams. Then have each team huddle in a circle and join hands with a person across them.
  • Once all hands are joined together, ask everyone to untangle their arms. The first team to have all team members untangle themselves wins!
  • Make it more challenging by adding some chaotic players who keep weaving their hands in and out of the team members’ arms. It will keep the laughter going and teach team members to communicate so that they can untangle themselves.

4.     Actionary

It is an excellent ice-breaker and team-building game for all ages that combines charades, sculpting, and drawing.

You will need a list of words, play dough, paper, pencils, and large dice. The dice categories are:

  • 1,2 for pictionary
  • 3,4 for charades
  • 5,6 for sculptionary

Divide people into teams and allocate them some play dough, paper, and pencils. Starting with one team, have them send a volunteer to the middle of the room and roll the dice. Show the rest of the team the word and the volunteer will have them either sculpt, draw, or act out the word.

When a team member makes a correct guess, they win another chance to roll that dice to get another word. The team that goes through the entire word list first wins the game!

5.     Broken telephone

It is also called Chinese Whispers. This game is suitable for all ages and great for teaching active listening skills.

  • Create even-sized teams and arrange the team members in circles. Come up with an unknown phrase or sentence and then share it with the first person in each team.
  • The first person then whispers the phrase into the ear of the person to their right. Each player whispers the phrase until the last person is reached. The final player shouts out the phrase to the team. The team whose ending phrase is closer to the original phrase wins the game!
  • Add some players to each team to act as spoilers who change the phrase and have the team find out the spoiler. It is a fun way of teaching active listening and the effect of rumors or gossip. 


6.    Indoor maze

Look for a concrete area to draw your maze using sidewalk chalk. First, draw your maze on paper and make sure it is very challenging. Ensure it has dead ends as well as starting and finishing points.

  • Draw the maze on the floor. Make sure it is wide enough for players to move in.
  • Make the game more interesting by having different teams send one player to the start of the maze. Blindfold the player and set a timer.
  • Teams can only shout directions to help their blindfolded player navigate the maze.
  • The first team to get their player to the finishing point on time will win the game!


These 6 fun indoor games for big spaces will leave everyone laughing and engaged for quite some time. The best thing is that they do not cost much, need little set-up, and are suitable for all ages!