Why Having A Community Playhouse Is Great For Everyone

Community playhouses are common in residential areas. They are communal spaces where residents gather for entertainment and recreation. Their purpose is to enrich the lives of the residents.

A community playhouse has everything under one roof. You will find a play area for children, gyms, shops, restaurants, and entertainment spaces.

Having a community playhouse presents social, economic, physical, and emotional benefits. Here are five ways that residents achieve those benefits.


5 reasons why having a community playhouse is great for everyone

  1. Dedicated kid’s play area

Community playhouses have areas for kid’s play that may not fit in your home or apartment. It is common to find swing sets, slides, monkey bars, a treehouse, and a sandbox for little ones in this play area. Some have a small field for outdoor games such as baseball, track, tennis, and basketball. Others have shallow pools that are suitable for children.

  1. Recreational arena

The recreational benefits of playhouses for the community are physical, emotional, and social.

Most playhouses have large outdoor areas for games such as football, soccer, jogging, and swimming. They also have indoor spaces for table tennis, pool, foosball, bowling, and dance. These facilities encourage physical exercise and play among the community members.

Other recreational facilities include a functional gym, a yoga studio, and a sauna. These are great for physical and emotional fitness.

You may find a game room fitted with screens and video games. It would be quite attractive for your teens to bond and compete with their peers. Some playhouses may have a common lounge with wide-screen TVs and chairs for dads to watch sports.

These facilities are a great way for the family to bond, exercise, and unwind away from their homes.


  1. Study areas

Some community playhouses have private study areas such as reading rooms and libraries. These are suitable places for your children to do their homework with classmates and friends.

You may also visit the library to catch up with some reading. Or you can read for your professional exam or degree without your noisy little ones around.

  1. Social connections

Community playhouses foster unity and social interactions between residents and their families.

Being a part of a community playhouse gives access to people that you have never met. You may find like-minded entrepreneurs and form a club, or connect with a workout buddy at the gym.

Your children are most likely to enjoy these social connections. Becoming friends with other children at the playhouse would increase their social proof. It would also give them a stronger sense of belonging to the community.

It is a chance to connect with residents over a sports game, barbeque, or a party.


  1. Business potential

Community playhouses can be a source of income for the local residents.

Some have designated office spaces for rent to local businesses. You will find shops, restaurants, gyms, and daycare centers. Some even have specialty services, such as veterinary and pediatric care.


The benefit of a playhouse is that you can access different services in one location. The businesses would also experience a boost in sales and expand their client base.

Another income source for the community playhouse is venue hire. Residents and businesses can hire communal spaces for birthdays, parties, and corporate events.

Some income could be channeled to the needy community projects. These projects include soup kitchens and health insurance for uninsured seniors. Investing in development initiatives such as business coaching or parenting classes for members is another avenue.



A community playhouse is great for everyone. It has social, economic, physical, and emotional benefits for all ages. It offers spaces for recreation, entertainment, wellness, social connections, and business growth. If you know of a community playhouse near you, sign up. Give yourself (and your family) a chance to bond, socialize, and belong to the community.